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The best way to make money from my list is getting their names and email addresses! Duh….


But I tested my list again on 24 May 2012 and this happened


So as you see you can just send a solo ad with a click bank offer and make cash also (Don't Recommend Unless you’re a season Pro). Always build your list and you can market any time and with any offer!


 One way you can do this is by giving them something of value and then getting their names and email addresses! Once you have them on your list the selling can take a few minutes to a few hours dependent on your offer!



Have a good offer then it’s easy to get sales as shown above! All it took was 1 offer and 85 clicks later 4 sales were made. The cool part I was not even using my computer during that time.....(Disclaimer: I know it's my list but with a good solo ad message and the right sales page you too could have sales also....It could take work, in fact lots of work. But once you have them on your list they are yours!)


We will not send any deceptive headlines that begin with RE: or talk about being verified or confirming my account. You know what I am talking about. Basically, we reserve the right to change any subject lines or add copy. If you use good judgment, it shouldn't be necessary.


We also can refuse to send any junk to my list. Your free report or software should be of high quality.


It is in your best interest to make sure of this as it's your first impression. You want to get subscribers and keep them. Giving away junk will accomplish neither.


We also will not be responsible for your results. You should know how your squeeze page performs and therefore be able to predict approximately how many subscribers you will get from the solo. We have no control over your offer. All I can do is guarantee that you will get unique clicks from emails that we have sent to our list, not traffic exchanges or pop ups.


If you have any doubts, then you should not purchase a solo.


Understand that there are absolutely no refunds!

The only refunds that will be issued is because we have refused to send the ad due to poor quality or even because we just don't like it. So, if you understand the terms and are ready to add some quality subscribers to your list, click on one of the buttons below.


After your order is processed, you will be sent an email for the Order Form / Members Area.


- Vasrue Com, Inc


Real People, Real Success Stories....


Thanks so much for your great solo ad service and customer support. Your solo ads gave me very solid results 167 clicks and 49 opt ins (.30 Cost Per Lead!). I love that all I did was submit my ad and link, then in a couple of days later I have fresh quality leads!

Lonnie A.



Hi, people! I ordered the largest solo mail order from my friend Clinton only hours ago, and... already I got two subscribers. Clinton gives me guaranteed clicks, so I can hardly wait, how many leads I will get in the next days! This moment's results are 8 clicks, 2 subscribers…… a 25% conversion rate! I hardly can believe, that in days I will have my first hundreds leads, whom I can market to, and make a strong relationship with! I will update you about what is happening now!

 - Sandor K.



"Thanks Clinton for your marketing system.  I have made $1,000 using your amazing system and the leads that it generates."

- Rajat D.


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125 Clicks

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250 Clicks

250 Clicks Minimum  
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up to 1,000 Clicks Slow Drip Traffic

up to 1,000 Clicks Slow Drip Traffic 
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625 Clicks

625 Clicks Minimum 
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1,250 Clicks

1,000 Clicks Minimum  
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